The Business Idea

The idea of business is the product or service that I want to offer to the market. The means to attract customers and thus obtain the economic benefit. It is the business opportunity and what, when it comes to putting the reality of the creation of SME, makes us successful or not.Business

But it is not enough to have a good idea, it is necessary to evaluate it and check its feasibility. Therefore, the first stop of the path of the entrepreneur is to specify the business idea and describe it as accurately as possible. To do this, when writing it in writing you must make clear the following points.

Description of the product or service you are going to offer to the market.

The need that your product or service covers. If your business idea meets a new need you will have very little competition.

Potential clients: Who is it aimed at? We have to realize the essential characteristics that define our target customers.

Competition: A thorough analysis of the products or services of the competition, what are their characteristics and what methods or strategies are used by those companies with which you are going to compete in the market.

Added value: It is the part that is shaped that will differentiate your product, what will make it become the best option for buyers.

The sources of business ideas are very diverse and varied, but all pursue a common goal: to find the product or service that will make customers want to buy it.

The business plan

Once you have realized your business idea, the next step is to write one of the most important documents of the path of any entrepreneur and that extends the chances of success and decreases the risk. The Business Plan is the main planning tool when starting a business venture, it helps increase the chances of creating a profitable business and even for already consolidated companies it becomes an instrument of growth and diversification of its main activity.

In order to make a business plan, a series of steps must be followed, but it is also necessary to follow a series of recommendations aimed at the quality of the information and some drafting criteria. However, there is no recipe for success and sometimes and despite having done a correct planning is easy to make common mistakes or have doubts. The experts know this and for this reason, there are numerous lists grouping, for example, fatal errors in the creation of new companies.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that in the long run, it will be necessary to establish the mission, vision, and values of the SME as part of the corporate image strategy and increase the visibility and credibility of the SME and differentiate it from the competition.


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