home printer cartridges

Collection and delivery of home printer cartridges

Although we live in the digital age, we still can not leave the paper; So do not miss the business opportunity that this reality gives you. home printer cartridges


Despite the digital age, we still can not leave the paper. Contracts, paperwork and a myriad of documents populate from the houses – with the smallest tasks – to the offices, with everything necessary to continue the business.

Printers, then, are best friends in both cases. But sometimes one of its components – the cartridges – may be the worst enemy when it decides not to give more.

Fortunately, and while you may not believe it, there is a business opportunity there, with a business model of recharge cartridges on the move, while promoting the inputs for the remanufacturing industry.


Starting a business of this type requires some specific knowledge. We then list them.

Customer Support

As with any business, it is important that your customers feel confident to express themselves according to your needs and the cartridges – as well as other doubts related to equipment such as printers. It is important that you create a pleasant atmosphere and unique shopping experience.

Quality in procedures

The cartridges that you provide must be treated with delicacy, under procedures and quality tools, with personnel trained in handling, experienced and committed to providing quality products.


Once the product is delivered it is important that you provide a warranty period and the conditions in which it can be had or lost, in order that if there was a bad procedure, the repair or replacement of the cartridge is guaranteed.

Delivery times

Do not forget this important subject. Comply with specified delivery times, times and days. Your company would lose value if you promise immediate recharge and you do not comply.


It is likely that in the business of refilling cartridges it is necessary to change some parts for new ones to ensure a good operation, therefore, it is important that in that sense you are honest and in truth you do.


As always, the price will be a hook – or not – to attract customers. So you must find the right cost and appropriate to the services and products you offer.


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