Keys to Creating a Marketing Agency

Achieving market positioning, branding, and communication are a challenge for the hundreds of millions of companies that exist in the world, but also for many professionals and public bodies. There is, therefore, a broad market for marketing and communication agencies.creating-a-marketing-

This decade has been marked by a highly competitive economic environment that forces companies to make a special effort to achieve the full satisfaction of the needs of their customers.

Achieving it is only possible if they know how to apply with rigor and depth the different strategic tools available to marketing, which far from being the exclusive patrimony of large companies provide SMEs with a dynamic and current vision, which allows them to give answers Practices to the permanent market challenges.

This further extends the field of action to entrepreneurs who are committed to the marketing of marketing and advertising.

Below we propose an economic assumption where you as an entrepreneur can set up a communication agency with an expert partner in information technologies. Between the two they will contribute a capital of 15,000 euros without resorting to another type of financing.

After establishing a Limited Company, they will rent a small office, which will have to be furnished and equipped with the necessary equipment to start work.

Under this assumption, the approximate calculation indicates that the minimum investment to start the activity depends on the following detail:

  1. Establishment costs. 
    Includes constitution expenses, such as the deed, attorney’s fees, notary service, and formalities at hacienda Hacienda. Here, the minimum investment calculated is 1,800 euros.2. Local expenses.
    It refers to the rental costs of the establishment for the first month plus another two months that are canceled in advance as a deposit. In addition, you must calculate here the expenses of conditioning of the premises and the investment of furniture. All this will add an amount close to 4 thousand euros.

    3. Hardware. 
    It is the highest economic item Medium-range equipment for two-employee agency costs between 4,000 and 6,000 euros and includes a computer with a good graphics card and a flat screen of at least 17 inches (better still 24), a Scanner and high-quality laser printer as well as Internet access devices, telephones and fax machines.

    It is advisable, but not essential, to complete the equipment with some element of photography and digital video and a laptop.

  2. Software and services.
    For the activity of public relations, it is enough to have an office package and, eventually, some program that facilitates the management of the database and the organization of events.However, for a study of design or advertising, the importance of software goes much further. A basic package for graphic and web design does not exceed 1,500-2,000 euros, but there are software CAD and 3D design, video editing, photo retouching, etc., whose cost ranges from a few euros to several thousand.



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