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Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 Business Tips

The creator of the world’s most popular social network, only his 20s created one of the today’s business models and one of the business cultures that captivate talent. Business Tips

Although the original idea, that of creating a profile directory for college students, was conceived by the Winklevoss twins, Zuckerberg shaped it and attracted investor interest. In tribute to his 30 years, I am an entrepreneur made a list of the lessons that this young CEO leaves to the entrepreneurs:

1. Follow your mission with a turn to consumers

 The ideology behind Facebook is to create a more connected world. With just a decade of launching the platform to the public, it has managed to bring together almost a fifth of the planet. The company’s efforts are always directed towards this direction and its mission is the one that dictates its actions, changes, investments, and strategies.

2.Be authentic

 If anything is known to all is that Mark Zuckerberg, regardless of the context, always appears in sweatshirts and sports shoes. He describes himself as someone “clumsy” and makes no effort to appear charismatic. He is simply himself and this is key for the current entrepreneurs.

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3. Be humble

 Know your weaknesses and act accordingly. Nobody is born knowing everything and few entrepreneurs are born leaders. This was the case with Zuckerberg. In fact, former employees of the company claim that at the beginning he was a terrible CEO: he did not know how to communicate with employees and he had an arrogant attitude. The company recruiter, Robin Reed, told her she had to take classes to learn how to be a director; So he did and got a great improvement over time.

4.First users, then customers

This is perhaps the mantra of successful internet business. Most digital companies take years to be profitable and the key is to be patient and work hard to make it happen. Facebook is the best example, and it shows with a lot of dollars that it receives from companies, brands and means that today pay to be announced in the platform.

5. Create in your project.

If you have an innovative idea, a unique project or a brand with great potential, believe in it. In 2006, Yahoo proposed to buy Facebook for US $ 1000 million and Zuckerberg rejected it. Maybe we’ll think how crazy would that do? As a crazy who firmly believed in his project and today occupies the 23 position of the richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine.

6. Accept your mistakes.

This is never easy. Less when you’re a director of a company and even less when you have the arrogant and somewhat condescending personality of Zuckerberg. However, the career of the creator of Facebook, like that of any other entrepreneur, is full of failures, many of which have accepted the public. Among them is the failed Faceweb for the internal operation and the slow performance of the platform to serve the growing mobile market.

7.Excellence is in not being excellent

At the entrance of the corporate offices of Facebook, there are several posters, one of them with the phrase Better than perfect Done is better than perfect. This quote shows how the company operates, which is based on continuously launching changes, functionalities, and applications, which are tested and validated or rejected by users. This strategy favors innovation and dynamism, two keys of technology companies.

8.Understand your market, detect opportunities and take risks

Some of the great successes of Facebook as a company have been acquisitions of applications and platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp. Although they cost billions of dollars, this has allowed it to reach new markets and further consolidate the value of its network. But many of his decisions have not had such good results, but as he says: The greatest risk is not taking any risks.

 9. Choose your mentors well

 An entrepreneur has much to learn from others; Especially those who have gone through the same challenges, obstacles, and experiences. For Zuckerberg, one of them was Steve Jobs. In fact, after the death of Apple co-founder, Zuckerberg wrote: Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thank you for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you. ?

10.Leave footprint

 Zuckerberg not only wants to go down in history as a billionaire, an innovator or a successful entrepreneur; Wants to transcend by creating things that help society and that remain for years.

In addition to the millions of dollars, he donates to charity Zuckerberg has supported several educational startups and its initiative seeks to bring the internet, via satellite or drones, to places Most hidden in the world.


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