Business Project

What Is Business Project

The business project day after day becomes more meaningful and important and this is why Colegio Reuven Feuerstein, within its Institutional Plan, promotes the chair of entrepreneurship for business training and innovation in students.Business Project

  • Work by projects: classroom work is based on projects, such that the class is organized in groups of two or more people. The contents are treated in class in a theoretical way, but the activities are aimed at putting into practice the theory about a project of the company chosen by the students. This year there are 51 projects: Arepitas Freaks, Tu casa country, Business Kid`s, NUD Accessories EU, SANDIS CHEVERE, COLOMBIAN GRAF S, PROLACTEOS D & V, BROTHER & SISTER COMPANY D & V, CARIÑITOS, BROTHER & SISTER COMPANY D & V, FV PRODUCCIONES, STREET APLIANSSES, TECNO HOGAR, LICUADOS LOCOS, ARETAKOS, CAFÉ AND ORANGE, among others., In which students participate from their basic Primary, and all the Baccalaureate.

  • Functional Learning and Exposure and Debate. Putting into practice the whole theory and making the administrative and commercial documentation of the whole process realized, a written document is prepared, ready to be presented to different jurors, who have a lot of experience in Entrepreneurship Projects; there each company exposes its Project of entrepreneurship and the jury expresses any kind of questions regarding the subject, where the student is able to respond, he realizes In Spanish, but also in his second language .Teamwork. Class dynamics involve working in groups, making different contributions at the individual level.

Business Fair: The school offers the opportunity to its students, to make two annual fairs in the school. There, each company exposes its products, markets them and sells the entire product. With this Chair of entrepreneurship the school aims to focus the student in teamwork, create job independence as well: A Students are offered the opportunity to: • to deepen in business life • to training their analytical skills and resolution Problems • to apply research methods • transfer theoretical knowledge to practice • to learn process management • acquire social skills • to meet potential employers and redefine their professional goals. Students should: • take responsibility for the project • strive for the best results • share the workload equally on the team • communicate well with their tutors. In the last three years I have had the opportunity to support the students of the school in this chair, seeing really successful results following the project from the beginning until the student finishes his high school, comes up with clear ideas, with additional economic resources to promote Employment and total dedication to your company.

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