How To Start An Oil Change Business


Today we will see how to start an oil change business, one of the most profitable business ideas that focuses on the automotive world. As you know, this business is based on retaining the value of cars, a typical maintenance around the world. In addition, it is one of the few businesses to which customers are left, because everyone today has a car or more. This makes it one of the best business ideas for any entrepreneur.Oil Change Business

True, this idea sounds pretty good and promises to be a profitable business. But before making the fantasy of the money that you leave when you start this business, you must make some decisions. For example, whether you will undertake it yourself or buy a franchise? The two have their pros and cons; The good thing about buying a franchise is that the brand will already be recognized worldwide and capturing customers will be much easier, but franchises often charge license fees. Now if you decide to start an oil change business by yourself, it will bring you more freedom about the decisions you are presented with, but you will have to plan the marketing strategy, dedicate yourself to the construction of your premises, get the necessary tools and select to the employees.

If you have decided to undertake on your own, you should have a good oil change business plan. For this venture, you must pay attention to the location of your future business, something very important for this item. Your business should be located in an area where there is a lot of traffic and that is in sight of all. Other things to consider, is the ease of access. It will not do much if it is in a zone of high traffic but in a place without limit of speed or without access. While you do not have the skills to do the business plan, ideally hire a specialist. In this way, you will save time and concentrate on the commercialization of your new business or what is missing.

Lubricant Oil Change Business

Once your car lubricant business is established, another option is to add more services such as window polarization, filter change, alarm placement, etc. Remember that it is a business that allows you to add other items within the same, even once you have started your work, you will notice the services that are missing.

First Day In The Oil Change Business

One day in the oil exchange business will begin preparing the store and verify the shifts your customers have asked for. If there are no customers, then you should put ads on the Internet and newspapers, so your business grows. At the end of the day, the profits are posted, the products that you need are reviewed and the workshop is cleaned for the following day.

Main Customers

Your main customers will be car owners who want to take care of the car and do the maintenance that the vehicle needs, whether it is a change of oil, filter, lubricant or another service that you offer.

What Does It Take To Start An Oil Change Business?



Business plan



Marketing plan

Computer with finance software

The demand of the business is very high. Having a good location, it’s easy to get customers. If you get good staff, it’s a business that gives you freedom. It can enlarge the business, adding more services. Starting the business can be expensive. It’s a repetitive job. Business Difficulty: Medium  Minimum Investment: USD $ 30,000 dollars

Undoubtedly, starting a business of oil change or lubrication is very profitable, cars are available all over the world and it is also a very easy business. So you do not need a very thorough training, but you have to have an idea about cars.



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