Business Idea

Business Idea in Construction


Undoubtedly one of the best options to invest is in the construction sector, however, the specialization of this sector makes new entrepreneurs have no interest in offering products or services in this field.Business Idea

The construction industry is one of the sectors that has had continuous growth in the last years still going through these last years of crisis because it is well known that it is one of the first options that the government supports to continue generating jobs, building: highways, Schools, government buildings, hospitals, etc.


The materials for windows and canopy is an excellent business opportunity within this sector, the contractors or architects of these public and private projects are always looking to offer new materials and suppliers who have the knowledge and quality of the appropriate products, materials Which in recent years have had a great growth in demand and a decrease in the price of these thanks to technology. Such is the case of materials as polarized glasses, and even more in these times of insecurity security films for windows.


These materials, besides being indispensable in the cancellation of the new contractions, are an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for a business idea with little specialization, minimum investment capacity and a large margin of profit.


These materials are like decals that adhere to the glass based on a special glue and allows the total transparency of the glass as if it had nothing. This allows you to have a protected crystal with a 4 mm mice that protect the crystal from easy breaking, vandalism, and robbery.


The price of this material for sale to the public varies between $ 290 and $ 350 pesos per square meter already installed in the glass, and $ 200 – $ 300 pesos per linear meter of material in public price, taking into account that the average cost of each meter Purchased from a distributor is $ 100 pesos, allowing a profit margin of more than 100%. Do you know any architect, contractor or any construction site where you can offer it? Then begin to calculate the square meters they will occupy and the amount of money you can earn on a sale.


In addition to being a noble business for its profit margin, this business even allows you to work with $ 0 of investment, as generally, the distributors of this material can send it to any part of the republic in less than 24 hours, thus you can simply request the material Necessary with the advance payment.

The materials needed to work are:

Knife type knife


Water PullerBusiness Idea

Water SprinklerBusiness Idea

The application of this material is very simple and you can find some guides on video sites like youtube and distributors pages.





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