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How to open a mobile restaurant or food truck business


Introduction to mobile food business

The food truck, mobile restaurant business, is becoming more and more fashionable in the region.

In these times of crisis and with rising incomes, many traders are closing their premises, to choose to mount a mobile restaurant or food truck. Below I will explain what are the details that you need to get started, and how to carry out these activities.

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A curiosity: The concept of the food truck was first developed by Charles Goodnight during the Civil War.

Reasons to open a mobile restaurant.How to open a mobile restaurant or food truck business

The proposal is economically more convenient than opening a restaurant in a real place. The food truck market is booming and the decision to buy used vans can reduce the initial investment.

Communication between the chef and the client. The relationship is direct and this allows adapting the offer to the tastes of your potential customers.

It is a very dynamic work. When using a truck, you will never be in one place, so you will have the opportunity to meet new people, and meet different needs and, in addition to being a great challenge, will generate new customer segments and a wide variety of options to offer.

The simplicity. You can bet on simple dishes, the important thing is to have an offer with which you identify. This will make your food truck instantly recognizable, allowing you to easily become a reference point.

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The flexibility of the working day.

If you are an emerging chef and want to make a name while waiting for the opening of a real restaurant, this is a good way to do so. If you already own a restaurant in a local, you can open a mobile version of it, which can also be a good marketing and advertising opportunity.

Do a market study

All businessmen agree on this point. Before opening a food truck, you should conduct a market study, this step should not be overlooked. Thanks to this you can check if the business is viable or not.


Your market survey should include the following points:

Environment. The location, its possible customers, current regulations, logistics, etc.

Competition. Its potential direct competitors and substitutes, market share.

The SWOT matrix. Opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses.

Take the time to research and establish these points. They will be an important basis for the rest of your project. But also to apply for funding.


The first step is to declare an individual company or create a company.

The second step is to get a permit or authorization to use the place. Unless you set up your food truck in a private garden, you will need to have a temporary permit that allows you the public domain.

The mobile restaurant owner must also have a food handling card.

Contrary to what I read in many forums and blogs, that in Spain or in some countries of the region is prohibited this type of business in fairs or events, I must say that it is not entirely true, it is still possible to assemble it, Informing about the requirements.

Points to ensure the success of your mobile restaurant business

Before you go on the search for a food truck, you need to check out a few things to ensure the success of your restaurant business:

Name and logo of your food restaurant

Product. Define the type of food to be sold according to your skills and target market.

Budget. Truck, gasoline, products.

Price. This is one of the strengths of this type of restoration. It should be between the cost of fast food and a lunch in a restaurant. I dare not say an average price for the sale of it in a food truck, as it depends on the cost of living of the country in which you want to ride.

Promotion. The success of these food trucks depends on their ability to advertise the business through social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn).

Location and attractionmobile restaurant

Music festivals. Music festivals are very frequent in Spanish-American countries and can create a good volume of customers in a mobile restaurant business.

Food festivals. Events dedicated entirely to international cuisine, but in any case, can attract a large audience. An example of this can be seen in the brother country: Peru.

Get a truck

The choice of the truck is very important and depends on your budget. It is your biggest investment since it is your work tool and also your means of communication.

The price of the truckmobile restaurant

To throw your food truck a food truck is mandatory! Obviously not? The price of a food truck already equipped with the kitchen can vary between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000, depending on your needs. However, it is also possible to find used food trucks for less than $ 10,000. This is a significant amount, but still low compared to the cost you may have opening a restaurant at a fixed location.

If you do not have the necessary funds for a quality truck, the advice would be to rent, until you start your business, and save money for a possible investment in a new truck.

Advertising and promotion of a mobile restaurant

Did you finally get your food truck open? Congratulations, however, you have not yet gained anything, you will now have to redouble your efforts and plan strategies to attract and retain more customers.

Preparing a good meal is not enough, you will also have to have a soul of a seller.

Irritations and warnings

Unlike traditional restaurants, street vending may be subject to certain outside restrictions. First, their activity depends on the weather sometimes unpredictable so you can see more or less productive days. The itinerant trader must calculate his daily gross margin by deducting travel expenses, parking, etc.

To purchase food products, the professional must take into account the price, quality, and distance that separates it from its suppliers.





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