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How to mount a fishmonger’s shop: fish shop

Although it seems to be an extremely simple business, the truth is that working with the sale of fish requires a lot of care, work, and a good initial investment to have the whole business ready to start. Either way, a fishmonger is always welcome in all locations and can be a good source of income as well as a butcher for example!fish shop


I, for example, live in a city with about 70,000 inhabitants and I only know two fishmongers here. Of course, there are some authorized positions in the open-air markets that work with the sale of fish, but for a fishmonger itself, the amount is very small. So I think that this market is currently propitious to invest and who wants to know how to build a fishmonger has a chance to profit in all regions.

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What Is Business Project

One of the most important details in the life of those who seek advice on how to set up a fishmonger is the initial search. You should check the current situation of the fish market in your city: see your potential competitors, find out what type of fish is most bought and what they want to consume, as well as a number of other details no less important.

There are much other fish ideal to be sold in the fishmongers, but in some regions it is not possible to find all these types of fish, so they end up selling only the most traditional of the region, but that does not prevent the business from being profitable due That the trend of sales is always the same!

How to set up a fish shop or fish shop

If you have come this far is because you are waiting for more information on how to set up a fishmonger or fish store and my goal is to help you through these tips to get your business going!

Starting with the local, it is always good to know how to choose exactly where your business is going to get better highlighted, then, focus on high traffic places such as shopping areas or where people tend to gather to make purchases.

At first, you will need to invest in the purchase of various equipment for the job, such as freezers, cold rooms, a service section, a balance, also a table for domestic work, packaging, suitable knives and much other work equipment.

Suppliers and the legalization of a fishmongerfish shop

It is also necessary to define who will be our fish suppliers. Of course, there are two options, the first of which would be to have your fish reared for sale, but this would be a much bigger investment and would require a lot more work. The second option is to associate with authorized farmers and fishermen so that the fish are of quality and very well legalized.

Taking into account legalization, remember that you can not set up your fishmonger without obtaining a health surveillance license, it will also be necessary for your business to be fully registered, in order for your business to function properly.

How much does it take to set up a fishmonger?fish shop

One of the greatest difficulties for those who do not know how to set up a fishmonger is related to the initial investment required. However this is a business model that will depend heavily on the structure in general where it will be assembled, so there are people who can start with very little while others need a large amount of money to open His own fish shop. But speaking in general, you will have to invest between $ 2500 to $ 15 thousand to build a quality fishmonger in your city.

Customers and distribution of a fishmongerfish shop

Generally, the customers of a fishmonger will be the housewives, people who like to enjoy a good fish, restorers, and others. There are times of the year when customers usually buy fish more intensely, such as Holy Week, so they can also take advantage of these times to invest in outreach activities and attract more customers to their business.

Is riding a fishmonger profitable? Worth it?fish shop

If you get good fish suppliers and gun a really quality fishmonger, you can make good money every month with your business. Usually, the profit margin at a fishmonger is between 30% and 50% of each fish sold, so what really determines your profit is your ability to sell. Anyway, I think that when setting up a good fishmonger it is possible to have a turnover of $ 1200 a month.

So, as you can see, SI is worth investing in this business model, so you should start doing market research in your area, invest in setting up your new fish store and start working. To conclude, I just hope that you have enjoyed all the advice on how to set up a fishmonger and that you have many successes in your


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