jeans business

Making and selling jeans for ladies as a business idea

Jeans are a garment for massive use and high rotation, especially by women, who before looking at the mark that has the jean when buying one, usually look at the quality of the fabric, the model And how well it can stay.jeans business

So a profitable business idea consists of the making and selling of jeans for ladies.

In this article, we will see a summary on how to put this business idea into practice, without having to have your own workshop to manufacture the jeans, or with a store to sell them. business idea

First of all, you must determine the mark that your jeans will have, which must be confirmed by an attractive name, and be in accordance with the style of the jeans; An alternative is to brand her some unusual name of the woman.

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Once you have determined the mark that your jeans will have, you must determine the style and design they will have; For which you do not need to hire the services of a designer, but it is a task that you can perform yourself. For this, you must carry out a small market study, go out to the malls, and investigate and analyze the different brands that exist in the market, paying special attention to the recognized brands. business idea

Once you have done your little research, you should buy some jeans that can serve as a reference for the design of your brand. The next step is to hire the services of a modeler who will design the molds for jeans, which will serve to cut the fabric. This modeler must take the jeans you have bought, and tell him what you would like to change or add to the design.

Once you have the molds of your jeans, you must buy the necessary supplies to design your samples; About 6 samples with different models might be enough to start. Some of the supplies you will need for sample design are denim fabric, buttons, rivets, closures, and inner and outer idea

The amount of fabric and supplies to design your samples and even the places where you can buy them is information that the modeler can provide. As we mentioned at the outset, to implement this business you do not need to have your own workshop, but you can have the jeans made to an external workshop of cut and make.

Once you have chosen a good workshop, you will have to go to this one with the molds that you have designed the modeler, as well as the necessary inputs to make the samples. Then you must give the shopkeepers the specifications necessary for you to make the jeans as you want them; For which you may need to also give them the jeans you have purchased and point out to them what you want to change or add. business idea

As we mentioned, for this business you do not need to have your own store to sell your jeans, but you can work with intermediary businesses, that is, businesses such as shops, bazaars, galleries, etc., to which you sell the products at By wholesale, so that later they are sold to the public. So the next step, once you have your samples, is to look for these intermediary businesses, to which you must go with your samples and offer to sell your jeans, and get them to order.

For this task, you can hire one or several vendors who already have experience in this business model, or who already have a portfolio of clients, although it is a task that you can do at first.

Placing a new brand in the market can be a difficult task, so you could start by offering to sell your products on consignment, and then start selling credit and cash; If your jeans are of good quality, you should not have problems receiving orders. Once you have enough orders, you must buy the necessary supplies for the production of the jeans, and then send them to the external workshop of cut and preparation, as you did with the samples.

In terms of marketing; An effective and inexpensive alternative is to promote your products through the Internet, for example, creating a website where you can display your brand, and then promote your brand through online ads. But the best way to promote a brand is through word of mouth, for which, simply create a product of good quality, which involves designing a garment that has premium materials, and have attractive models that are in fashion.

If your jeans are of good quality, little by little you will receive more orders, while you can go looking for new markets and launching new models.


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