Business ideas

Business ideas focused on children’s audience

Currently many people are looking to become financially independent and start their own business, being the area of products and services aimed at children’s public one of the most profitable on the market. When starting a business of this type should be taken into account that not only seeks Some attractive and profitable ideas.

Making and distributing personalized baby items:

A business dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of personalized baby items seems to be a good enough idea to start a business of its own, and there are already a number of well-known stores of this type; And it is an area where competition is not so close. In this era where highlighting an original style is the latest fashion, articles that make it possible to make each baby look unique in a way will quickly become an irresistible option; Starting with lines of pacifiers, T-shirts and personalized rattles, is quite profitable, and in turn opens a wide panorama between a great variety of customers. In addition to ensuring the best quality in materials and methods of manufacture, considering that the products will be used by babies for months and even some years; The key to this business is design. Marking products with the baby’s name, or with funny phrases that describe your personality or relationship with your parents, is the best thing to start; You can progressively add designs of images, prints and any personalized illustration that will help expand the client’s options.


The businesses related to the organization and assembly of children’s parties are also quite profitable today. Every birthday is a time in the life of a child that his whole family wants to treasure forever, so today offering party-setting services is very good business; Besides that can be extended quickly arriving to offer services of animations, painted faces and until the custom design of pinatas; In a very short time, since it does not represent much greater investment capital than the initial one.

Online toy

Offering products online has also become quite popular as a business lately, with online stores being another great idea to start a business. An online toy store for example, which allows parents to get the most products, good quality and good prices from the comfort of your home; Will position any store of this type. In this case, you just have to make sure that you get the best suppliers, that they offer legal and quality products, as well as completely safe; That allow to offer the best offers to the clients. The best thing about this type of business is that it is rapidly expanding because with the right investment you can easily take it to a physical store without leaving the virtual sales platform in addition to other options such as small shops on boulevards for example; Being the investment in advertising one of its main strengths.

Specialized classes:

If you love children and want to earn money a good option could be to give specialized classes to schoolchildren who did not understand what they learned or want to reinforce their knowledge.

Childcare: Childcare

Daycare: daycare businesses always work, especially in cities, because sometimes parents do not have time to look after their children because they work, so an option to do so is to leave them in a day care, That’s where you can enter.

Soccer Academy for children/youth:Soccer Academy for children

If you are passionate about football and think you can teach children and/or young people to play football, setting up a football academy is the perfect business, as football is the sports par excellence In the world, so, with this business, there is no loss.

Pictures with famous characters such as Barney, Spider man, Santa Claus, Woody, etc.: Kids love these characters, so if you want to make some money, you can position yourself at fairs, or malls and dress up as this Character and take pictures with the kids!

Psychological support services for children and young people from separated parents: If you are a psychologist or specialist in the area and love to help others, setting up a psychologist support service for children and young people from separated parents could be a good opportunity for Earn money, plus the satisfaction of helping. to attract the attention of children, but also parents, That always be inclined by the companies that offer pro


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