advantages of vending

The 9 advantages of vending

The trend in commerce is to automate the processes of selling small items; Because in this way, you save on costs, staff and time.  With vending machines, it is enough that a person simply inserts coins, bills, tokens or cards and presses a button or turns a knob to obtain the desired merchandise. The vending was born to satisfy the need of the man to acquire all type of articles in the best conditions of hygiene and quality, at any time and as soon as vendin

Vending has become one of the most lucrative and growing business activities in the world during the last time. An ingenious method of fundraising, which can serve as a complementary source of your income, or can also become your main economic activity. That is why experts recommend this type of business to invest from now to the next 10 years as one of the activities of greatest growth and profitability in Latin America. There are many advantages to investing in this type of business; here we summarize them in a series of 9 keys:advantages of business

  1. It takes a little time. Once the business is established, it is one of the least time required. For every 100 machines, you will need about 15 hours of work a week.
  1. Sales at all times. Vending machines are the ideal employee. They allow you to earn money while you are on vacation or even while you sleep. Some places open 24 hours, like hotels and hospitals, generate income day and night.
  1. Crisis-proof business. People eat and drink in good or bad times. Almost all of us can spend on a cup of coffee, a drink or a snack. The vending business has a proven track record. 85% of sellers are still in business after 6 years, while 90% of all new businesses fail within the same time.

In addition to the proven background, this is due to diversification of activity. Most sellers have more than 50 different locations. Most of these locations are likely to have continuity and be profitable.

  1. Compatibility with other businesses or work. Since this business requires only a partial dedication, it will allow you to combine this investment with your current job (even if it is full time) or another form of income.
  1. Easy recovery of investment. It requires a small initial investment and low overhead costs, allowing you to recoup the investment in a relatively short time, and quickly increase capital. From the economic point of view, when the business consolidates, you can leave your work and dedicate yourself exclusively to the vendors.
  2. High demand. Vending is a business of high profitability and more if your products are “impulse” or “first necessity” as they are condoms, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and feminine towels.
  1. Tax advantages. The fact of having a business of its own, even if it is a part-time business, has clear tax advantages and tax cuts. Obviously, tax laws vary from country to country, but in most cases, you can deduct a portion of your rental payment or mortgage payment, insurance, telephone bill, vehicle, depreciation of your vending machines, etc.
  1. Growing market. Although vending machines are just beginning to experience their boom in Latin America, consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with these types of services, so demand is steadily increasing and is considered one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses to The next ten years.
  1. Ideal employee. Having one or more vending machines gives you the opportunity to have a salesman 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which does not receive the salary, does not ask for a vacation, and does not need social security or benefits, just a little attention in our free time.

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