How to set up a tourist apartments company

Business Plan. Business idea. Guide with simple steps to successfully set up a tourist apartments company


business idea
business idea

Our immediate goal is to set up a tourist apartments business. The tourist apartments are those establishments, intended to provide the tourist accommodation service, which is composed of a set of accommodation units and are jointly marketed by the same owner.

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In principle, the person interested in carrying out a project such as the one described does not have to have a specific profile, since no specific training is required to embark on such a business. However, this person should have training and experience in the hotel sector. In any case, this person must be willing to undertake a large project, which will require a very important investment.

Therefore, creating a complex of tourist apartments may be interesting for those owners of properties near some point with a tourist attraction, find in this type of accommodation a reason for their exploitation and know the environment and the environment that surrounds it.It is also necessary that people who are going to develop this business have skills in customer service, business skills, and a good job performance.



Firstly, the main service that will be offered by a tourist apartments complex will be accommodation, understood as the peaceful use and enjoyment of the same, of the services and facilities annexed and of the common ones of the block or set in which they are. These apartments can have a very varied capacity.

According to the current regulations in this respect, in the price of accommodation, for a second category apartment, the following services must always be included:

  • The water supply.
  •  The supply of electrical energy.
  •  The power supply for the kitchen, heating and hot water.

The delivery of the accommodation, furniture, facilities and equipment thereof, under proper cleaning conditions and in accordance with what is established in the regulations.

  • The garbage collection.
  • Surveillance service.

In this sense, it will be advisable to offer satellite TV because of the large number of foreigners who usually contract this type of destination.

In addition, they will have the consideration of common services included in the price of accommodation: swimming pools (and their own furniture), playgrounds and car parks, when they are part of the facilities. In any case, the companies will be able to offer to the clients as many complementary services as they deem appropriate, giving the appropriate publicity to the prices of the same ones.

As for the exercise of the reserve reservation activity, as established by current legislation, companies may require, as a signal, a percentage of the price that, at most, may be:

  1. A) 40% when the reservation is made for less than one month.
  2. B) 25% for reservations for one month.
  3. C) 15% when the reservation is for a term exceeding the month.

In a case of cancellation of the reservation, the company must reimburse the amount as a signal, being able to retain some amount depending on the term of which it has been advised. In any case, if the cancellation is made less than seven days before the company can retain the entire signal.

On the other hand, the occupation of the accommodation will begin, unless otherwise agreed, at five in the afternoon of the first day of the contracted period, and will end at noon on the following day of completion.

In addition, tenants, prior to occupancy of the apartments, must register in the Occupant Book Book, by submitting their identity documents or passports.

In principle, the total amount of the accommodation must be paid by the client at the time of occupation, unless a signal has been paid, the amount of which must be deducted. In addition, the company may demand as bail up to 25% of the total amount, for possible losses or deterioration in the premises and furniture.

In the event that the apartment does not meet the minimum conditions of the category, for reasons not attributable to the client, the latter may terminate the contract, with the right to reimbursement of the amount paid, unless you are provided with a new accommodation of the same characteristics.

Once the agreed accommodation time has elapsed, clients must leave the premises.


Currently, in Spain, there are one and a half million places offered in “legally”, as far as tourist apartments are concerned, due to the expansion produced in the 70’s, highlighting the intrusion in the sector with almost seven million Of places offered fraudulently.


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