SEO for Touring Business

SEO for Touring Business: Why It’s Still a Good Investment

The summer solstice 2015 is only a few dates away but the summer tourism campaign is already under way. We have four months of the high season ahead, although this year 2015 will be a year of change in tourism: the sector’s supply is adapting to a good rhythm to the technological change in which we find ourselves.

To put offers on our website and to expand them through a newsletter to our old customers, to load availability in an own booking engine, to attend the tasks and requirements of clients of any tourist establishment made through social networks are already habits for many restaurants , Camping sites, hotels, farm houses and tourist destinations. Now we are faced with the issue: with the advancement and normalization of device usage and presence in social networks, search engine optimization work remains so important. We can only respond of course. SEO for business tourism: why it is still a good investment.


The importance of the search engines in the navigation is fundamental: we have talked about the importance of the big data in the next tourist offer but we are not yet too close to that the data that we contribute to the network they cross of intelligent form and anticipate to Our intentions. It is good not to get carried away by the anxious gurus of the future and to attend to the facts. And the facts tell us that in 2014,9 out of 10 Spaniards used Google to do their searches. Whatever. Yes, also to plan your vacation. If our final objective is visibility, the logical and necessary is that a business proposes an SEO strategy based on the attractive and useful contents, the diffusion of a message-brand recognizable and adapted to all kinds of dispositions. Which brings us to the second reason why we continue to work positioning.

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People do not take off the tablet or the mobile or on vacation: we do not know if it is because of custom, taste or need but it seems that nobody disconnects anything during the holidays. So it’s not crazy to imagine that they will use the search engines to find something to do or a restaurant to dine or have a drink. This use uncovers a fundamental importance of SEO, as is the work of long tail, which can help us in case our brand is not too recognized by itself. In this case, small establishments must work those general words that are likely to be searched: “hotels in Maxi”, “Seafood in Tui”, “Camping in Riis Bias” … etc. Achieving a good position in Google for such general searches requires a record of the whole year. We can not expect that the work of one season will serve the rest of the year or the next. And the reason you will find it in the next paragraph.People do not take off the tablet


Google is not static: if we had to imagine how Google would be in a three-dimensional world, we would bet on an immense viscous ball that shifts and changes shape and color constantly. All the time. One mistake that can be made is to think that what we valued in 2011 to position our camping or rural house in, say, the first page of Google searches for “restaurants in Monteverdi” or “rural houses in Barbados” may be similar now. Google does an algorithm change every 17 hours, so the rules are constantly changing.Google

Even so, Google has a lot of rules: although it is constantly changing, the rules of the game to be well positioned in the quest par excellence are very accurate. And poor of him who does not fulfill them. Here is an example about all the factors to take into account to achieve a good positioning: links to authority pages, anchor text, use of keywords … This is a constant update and follow-up work. It is no longer worth saturating the network with what could be considered spam, but rather the quality, dedication and, above all, make the medium something more natural thought in the long term. In addition to these standards, the giant of Silicon Valley wants us to participate in the platforms that drive, so despite the fact that social networks have not displaced the SEO in importance if we want to maintain a good position we can not forget Google My Bussines.rules of Google


It is a strategy that has a good predicament : over the years, the behavior of potential customers when they use the search engine to find what they need – rather than doing it through social networks – and their habit of being connected all the time has Has been understood by a large number of tourism companies, who are committed to maintaining a strategy of optimization of positioning by business and destination. Because if something works, it does not need to be changed either.

In conclusion, the SEO strategy for the tourism sector has not disappeared with the popularization of social networks, despite the fact that customers contribute and interact with businesses and destinations by providing content (photos of their dinner in such a restaurant, a photo of the Hotel …) but complement each other: if we have more I like or resets for a content, improves the positioning of our website, as indicated in the table of 2013 that we have linked. SEO plays a major role in the promotion and presence of the tourism industry and from Mr. Truism we give integral solutions that give an integral response to digital marketing and where SEO is the central axis



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