The Great YouTube Business In Detail

Nobody sounds weird the name of of YouTube

This brand, since it was born seven years ago, has spread all over the world, achieving statistics as impressive as, for example, that each day more than 4 billion videos are played, or that each second uploads an hour of video To YouTube. Behind this impressive data, this is one of the biggest businesses of our century, thanks to its accessibility and ease of use, allows anyone with original content, or even a company, to benefit from this platform.


Have you ever heard of the YouTube Partner Program? several answers

Thanks to this program, hundreds of people who collaborate with this service earn millions of dollars a year. At first, it seems that they are giving away the money, so the following question is required: how can I participate to be able to get the slice?At first, you can collaborate by having a channel on YouTube and, every time you upload a video, you can activate the monetization on it. So far it seems easy to get at least several dollars without making much effort, but the thing is not as easy as it may seem. To begin, let’s explain how this platform earns money so that it can be distributed among its own partners, and then we will continue with the conditions put by the different partners that collaborate with Youtube in order to have the benefit.

Partner with YouTube:partner-program

YouTube ‘s main way of earning revenue is, of course, through advertising, and it is well known that advertising can not appear anywhere, at the cost of that. For advertising to appear in a video, it has to be targeted at a large audience, it has to be a video that can be seen by thousands of people. With each playback, YouTube earns a very small percentage of money, and there’s the “trick.” When YouTube activates monetization on our videos and someone else plays them, that percentage is split between YouTube and our account. It is such a small percentage that, in order to have us real benefits, we would need a single video about 10,000 visits.


Partner with non-YouTube company: the modus operandi of these companies is practically the same, with nuances. When you sign a contract with a company to sponsor you, it promises to insert ads in your videos with which only she earns money, but in exchange promises a constant amount by a number of views in your videos. What does this mean? Explain with an example. I upload a video with this type of partner. At first, I will not see any benefit, but every time my video reaches the 1,000 reproductions, my partner ensures me $ 3.

YouTube Logo Logo

At first, it seems that this is not going to report great benefits, but if our content is original, it is not very difficult to make a dent in this great platform and to be able to draw extra money from this platform that, for the moment, does not impose any restrictions When making money: more reproductions, more profit. Collaborating with YouTube is the order of the day, as it is used both by companies to promote their products (see record companies with their artists and the so famous VEVO), as well as by individuals in all parts of the world. In Spain, the clearest example is Pablo Albertan, a singer who started uploading videos from his home singing and ended up signing a record deal. Personally, if you have a good idea or are good at something, try it, because you do not lose anything and you get to know. And who knows, if you’re lucky, you can even get some extra money!


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