This is how the second-hand toys business works

Buying a second toy ten years ago was not an option in Colombia. Parents did not want to give their children something that another child had already used. But this has changed. In Bogotá, there are several businesses that dared to bet on the market of used toys. Three of them are the leaders in sales of toys and baby items. Everything there is used, but every toy is in perfect business

In Excellent Condition, like New and Better than New, they work in a very similar way. Those who want to sell the toys that their children no longer use, can go to any of these stores, consign the toy and wait for it to be sold. The owner or manager of the business receives the toy, values it and gives it a price. Of the final price, the warehouse is left with 30%. A toy is delayed in selling between 30 and 45 days. After the sale, the warehouse calls the previous owner to collect their money. The price of the toy varies depending on its brand, size, and utility. In the three stores, the cheapest item is in one thousand pesos.

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Some of the major clients visiting a second-hand toy store are young dads, kindergartens, bar owners and collectors. Everyone goes in search of a toy that makes them or their children happy. Within these businesses, which were born 12 years ago, there is a dearth of toys. The most requested are Toy Story characters, collections or Star Wars items, brands like Radio Flyer that manufacture tricycles, wagons, and skateboards. Here are the three small entrepreneurs who created a new culture of shopping in Colombia and offer great brands of toys at half price.


Alberto Rico started in a small store of 35 square meters, today his store is 12 times bigger than that size. He is a collector of toys and decided to set up a store of second-hand items thanks to his trips to the United States, where he copied the idea. He was also born into a family where toys were never missing.

Alberto’s store is located in Galleries, sells pouches that can cost between 25 thousand and 35 thousand pesos, a Barbie is worth 15 thousand, articles that according to him go very well with the pocket of the Colombians. In addition to receiving toys by consignment and having a commission of 30% of the value of the product, In Excellent State customers can change a used toy that no longer serves them for one they need. He assures that more than giving out his business his work consisted of changing a culture of purchase:  that people had a third option of purchase: first, go to a mall; The second, go to San Andresito; The third, go to a second store where they say toys are good.

The process of cleaning a used toy should be careful. People from all over the city visit In Excellent State looking for a cheaper option. The brands of used toys that Alberto manages are Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Graco, and national brands. The prices of these vary from the thousand pesos to the 600 thousand, a value that can cost a car to remote control. The toy most requested by people who do not know how the business of the used, are the toys that are in season, and these are not going to be in the store because it is waiting for the new buyers to use it. As Nuevo opened its doors to the public in August of 2000. Maria del Socorro began work in December 2001. The business works by receiving the toys by consignment, checking in what state they arrive and suggesting a value to put it on sale. The owners are given a document where they relate the used toy that is left in consignment with the price to be sold and the value of the commission of 30%. Dad and kindergarten are the main customers. María del Socorro is convinced that buying second-rate goods is not as difficult as before: “The taboo of things used has been lost a lot, you see people here strato-six buying clothes and toys for their children.”secondhand-toys

Inside Como New, there is a specific area to receive and check the state of the toys. There trained and trained people work to look in detail how the articles are. Among the toys that are most sold in this place, located at 122nd Street with race seventh, there are Max Steel, Spiderman, Babies, Polly Pocket and educational games as a puzzle. And the scarcer are the main characters of the movie Toy Story.



Kindergartens visit the place to buy what will be used during the school season, which is why January is a good month in Como Nuevo. The place today is known thanks to the “voice to voice”. Maria del Socorro says that today it is no longer necessary to have publicity. The most curious thing about this warehouse is that they receive miniature plastic dolls, put them in bags and call them ‘baucherías’. Each bag of three dolls can cost between one thousand and two thousand pesos. They also handle premium brands like Fisher Price, Hasbro, Play School, among others. The only toy that is not found in Como Nuevo are electronics such as Nintendo and Play Station.

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For this warehouse many customers have passed that they confess that they buy new things because after being layer 6, they fell in broken bank, so confirms its administrator. He also says that children do not care if the toy is used who cares is the parents


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