Spanish design sunglasses, a business opportunity

Three out of four Spaniards point out that sunglasses are the most important element when it comes to making luggage to enjoy the holidays. This was revealed by a survey conducted by the flash sales company last July. business opportunity

The use of suitable sunglasses – pharmacists insist on the use of approved eyeglasses – not only protects from the ultraviolet rays of the star par excellence, but they become an ideal fashion accessory to reveal personality.

This is what Kiwi founder Guillermo Cesar, a Spanish glasses company that has positioned its product in 70 points of sale in two years and has exported it to countries like Mexico and Argentina. “The glasses are like the look,” explains Cesar. “The spectacle is already a very personal thing, we wanted the sunglasses to be too. We came from a time when a model came out and everyone was wearing it.”


Although there are emblematic models of glasses that are very complicated to become fashionable, such as the Aviator Ray-Ban – which emerged in the 1930’s to avoid headaches caused by the sun in US Army pilots – or the iconic Wayfarer, which brought Hollywood celebrities such as James Dean or Audrey Hepburn and who, after a notable drop in sales in the mid-1970s, became the world’s best-selling glasses – thanks, in part, to its appearance In films such as Risky Business, starring Tom Cruises, the truth is that in Spain have arisen numerous brands that, betting on the design of sunglasses, have managed to make a dent in our market.sunglasses


The stars par excellence of the glasses of Spanish nationality are the ones devised by Iñaki Soriano, Pablo Sanchez and the brothers Alex and David Moreno. In 2013, the four young people invested 300 euros in the foundation of Hawkers, the company based in Elche. Two years later, getting billed 40 million euros and became the company ‘s best – selling eyewear Spain in the context of online sales. After signing an agreement with giant Indicted to market its product at Pull & Bear, Hawkers – which sponsors the Lakers of the NBA – has increased its international presence and reaches all 65 countries.


The initial objective of the Spanish firm, as explained by its head of business development, Francisco Perez, was to change purchasing habits. “The society already knows that it can have a mark between 20 and 40 euros. We are changing the way in which the sunglasses are consumed, since before a person bought and took care of them to last several years and now has several to Every moment, “he explains.spanish sunglasses


The founder of Tiwi, the young entrepreneur Guillermo Cesar, also subscribes to this statement of Pérez. “The colors we use at first glance may seem difficult to carry, but since our product costs 60 dollars, people dare to try it. If they were 300 dollars, maybe they would not risk it.” One of the most significant new features presented by Tiwi is the possibility of the buyer to personalize their glasses. Not only is there the possibility of choosing the model, the color of the frame and the type of glass, but the glasses of Tiwi allow the initials or the name of the buyer to be written on their temples.


Both the firm of Casar and the solicitants have found in social networks its main channel of promotion. “We introduced ourselves through the influential people of the Network. We presented the product, they loved and uploaded photos … It has been a huge springboard”, explains the founder of Tiwi. Hawkers, meanwhile, got celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, model Andrés Velencoso, actress Paula Echevarría or soccer player Luis Suárez to show their glasses to numerous fans. Thus, as Pablo Sánchez explains, “it gave us credibility in order to sell the product”.


Quality at a lower price

Offering design and quality at adjusted prices is also the goal of Miller & Marc. Jerez Sergio Navarro leads a project that was born a year ago by an initiative of five partners. “The Spanish optical sector is ready for the revolution. Whoever tries to buy glasses on the Internet and finds that the quality is the same as the one he finds in an optic, but paying much less, he will repeat,” explains Navarro.sunglasses opportunity


The models, which are designed in Madrid thanks to the creativity of the partners of the firm and are manufactured in northern Italy, are inspired by great characters from the literature of the twentieth century. Thus, it is possible to purchase a pair of glasses with the name of Atticus Finch, one of the protagonists of To Kill a ruiseño r; Gatsby, by the personage the novel by American Francis Scott Fitzgerald or Miller, which honors the author of A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, one of the best playwrights of the last century.


In addition, Miller & Marc has devised an innovative program called Home Test, which allows the customer to receive five models of their glasses by courier and, after five days, choose which of them wants to stay.


If the British company Finlay & Co introduced a model of sunglasses made of wood from the barrels of Glenmorangie, one of the most recognized Scottish whiskey distilleries in the world – belonging to the group Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) – in Spain the artisans of Pantai Company began to design their product with the staves of barrels of Jerez, be it the first breeding of wine, or boots with solera, which give rise to the so-called Gran Reserva gafa, Available on request and made with the measures of each client.


Pantai Company, which was born in 2012 and plans to close this year with a turnover close to 100,000 euros, also uses wood from the boots of Pedro Ximénez, contributing to the product a very characteristic dark color, as well as olive and cherry trees Of our country.


The use of wood for the design of sunglasses is a fashion that is strong in the domestic market, some other firms that have opted for this material have been the Madrid Tu iT – who since 2013 makes their handmade sunglasses with Ebony, zebra, maple and walnut from controlled logging – and the Laveta malagueña. On the back of each and every one of the sideburns of Laveta sunglasses can be read handmade in Andalusia. The goal since its inception in 2012 has been to recover and revalue traditional crafts, as well as create a sustainable business in which both the choice of raw material and the manufacturing process is responsible for the environment and the environment.


In its eagerness to continue innovating in terms of design, the Malaga brand wanted to build bridges of collaboration with Tarzia, an original company from Granada that until now had been dedicated to the handcrafted elaboration of housings for mobile devices using the technique of The inlay They also wanted to collaborate with the curator of the WearBeard artistic project, Curro Oñate, who has customized a collection of glasses inspired by the restaurant BiBo Andalusian, by chef Dani García.


Beyond wood

In 2014, Juan Ruiz and Manuel García, in collaboration with the Medialuna workshop, started the Norris glasses project, where the artisan tradition is combined with techniques such as 3D design. In this way, the first leather glasses made in Spain are born. His participation in the fashion show of the designer María Lafuente at the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week and the support of celebrities such as Jordi Mollá or Nuria Roca has given visibility to a firm that has recycled the cowhide of the meat industry.





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