Business Ideas: Maintenance Of Aquariums And Fishmongers


This time we will talk about aquarium maintenance services, a small business idea that are related to cleaning and maintenance services for aquariums for families or businesses. Without the doubt, it is an excellent business for those people who are lovers of nature and who want to turn their passion into a profitable company. The good thing about this idea is that the equipment needed to work is very affordable and can be achieved easily.

Usually, aquariums need a weekly cleaning or every 10 days. Therefore, your potential customers will be recurring and may have worked all year round. And not only that, you can also offer the services to other companies and you can even start other businesses from the same. Such as the sale of fish, accessories or the manufacture of fish tanks. Without the doubt, we are talking about a business that is more than profitable and that gives us the possibility to work freely.

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What technical skills do I need to know for the aquarium cleaning/maintenance business?maintenance business


Basically, in the aquarium maintenance business, you must have the skill and knowledge to manipulate the fish. Know how to temper the water and how to place each accessory inside the fish tank. You should also know how much food to place and how to clean the different filters as it is a very important factor for the healthy life of the fish. The most recommended are that you take some classes on the handling of the fish, this way you are safe when you perform your services. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always be updated on new technologies and trends.

Starting the Aquarium Maintenance BusinessAquarium Maintenance Business

You will have to set your rates depending on the size of the fish tanks and the popularity of fish you will handle. So while you are providing the services, you can create the price list depending on the size. Once you already have a price list, it is time to create personal cards, it is certainly essential to get new customers or keep them. Also, make sure you have a comfortable vehicle so you can carry all the necessary items and deploy an office to serve customers.

Supplies for the Aquarium Cleaning Business Aquarium Cleaning Business

Find out which economic providers exist in your area, so your profit margin is greater. Remember that your main work equipment will be wash pads, brushes, hydro washer, and aquarium sealer. You will also need to know which vendors sell fish, food and aquarium decoration, whether it be gravel, artificial plants or coral.

Get Customers for the Aquarium Maintenance BusinessGet Customers

To achieve success in this business, the key is to provide a good service and that customers are satisfied. Remember that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective for this style of business. Likewise, it is also advisable to advertise in different newspapers in your city, as well as sign up for all social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, which will help you to know your company.

Try to get along with pet stores or veterinarian doctors, they can provide you with many potential customers. Ideally, you chat with them and offer them a percentage for each client you give them.




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