Four Profitable Business Ideas Very Creative And Simple As Brilliant

Not everything is invented and we are not going to reinvent the wheel, we are only going to decorate it to make it more attractive. Creativity and innovation are what the following business ideas show, which are of recent creation and already translate to great benefits.

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They are ideas as simple as brilliant, as crazy as profitable, and these entrepreneurs have known how to attack or focus the product to the public that needs it. Although some are somewhat more complex, the fact is that most of them could have occurred to anyone.

1. Damn Heels Women’s Folding Shoes.Women's Folding Shoes.

Many women will understand why the success of this business idea. Suppose you have a night of partying, a wedding, etc … I’ve never personally worn heels, although it is said that after a few hours, they end up demolishing the feet. Entrepreneur Hailey Coleman designed the Damn Heels, spare shoes for these situations. They do not occupy just space in the bag, although as you can see in the photo, they come with their own packaging that looks like a bag. In addition, they are elegant and most important, very comfortable. Many are the new entrepreneurs who have tried to innovate with the footwear, although very few have obtained 30,000 € of financing to start and more than 100,000 € to expand to other markets. For now, in the United States, these shoes are sold as “donuts”.

2. Gocycle. Electric and folding bike.Gocycle

There are already electric bikes, and there are also folding bikes, although Gocycle is probably the first electric and folding bike, so it is ideal for workers who must go from one side of the city to another, and once they reach The company, it is not necessary that they have to leave the bicycle outside, because it occupies little space in the own office. It has an autonomy for more than 25km and is recharged in only 3 hours (also has pedals). Gocycle is a company that has 2 years of life and is already a success in the United Kingdom. The company now seeks to meet demand in the United States, so it is in the search phase for distributors in other countries.

3. ReCompute The cardboard computer.ReComputer

Worried about the use of plastics derived from petroleum ?. Recompute has the solution, as it is the first cardboard computer. They have a simple version and another version of luxury. The prices of this computer oscillate between 200 and 1000 dollars. Do you know what is the funniest thing? that is sold. The success of this company is due to the virtualization of social networks with the support of a strong presence on Amazon. This invention does not like everyone because they assume in various technological means that would increase the danger of fire in the case of cardboard. This computer does nothing that others can not do, although it must be very “cool” to say you have a cardboard computer. That would explain the success of the sales.

4. Storage: Storage …. as in the cloud …. but on the

Another example of entrepreneurs who have known how to apply the business model of the internet to off-line business. On the internet we have the possibility to save files in the cloud, that way, they do not occupy space on our hard drive and we have them available from any place or device. Exactly, that is the idea of Storage, which is a company that leases physical storage for your things, whether furniture, clothes, documents, books, etc … If you are thinking of moving or are moving house very assiduously, it is A way of not having to carry “tackle”. The moment you need your nostalgic objects, Storage sends them wherever you are. The idea is excellent, although the execution must be complicated since I imagine it should be difficult to classify a person’s “things” for books, clothes … as to have classified the things of thousands of people


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