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How much start a business barber shop

How to Start a Barber Shop

Salary of a barber

The cost to start a hairdressing business depends on the type of business. A small salon, where you rent a part of an existing salon to own your own business, costs infinitely less than buying a well-known franchise. Both have similar costs to start, but the amounts will be different.

Equipment business barber shop

In a rental situation, the room provides dryers, chairs, sinks as part of the monthly rent. If you are buying an existing salon, you can negotiate the price of the equipment as part of the sale and some equipment will be part of the price as an accessory, such as sinks, reception tables, booths and the supply area. An existing franchise comes with the necessary equipment, while a new franchise will involve a disbursement of funds to purchase the equipment. Costs range from zero dollars for rent up to $ 32,000 on a franchise. The cost depends on the type of living room, the number of chairs and the services offered.

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Supplies business barber shop

Supplies for a salon can be expensive. Not only are there products for customer use, but there is a cost of the products you sell. These prices depend on brands such as Matrix, Abba, Nexus or OPI, and can range up to $ 23,000 as an initial cost. Other supplies include disinfectants, permanent rods, hair layers, towels, cleaning supplies and washers and dryers. Most hairdressing salons require you to provide your own scissors, hair dryers, brushes, blades, and combs. Some salons offer slicing machines although many designers have theirs.

Start-up costs business barber shop

A cabin rental may require a monthly rent of up to $ 1,000, but includes insurance, utilities, and business license for the establishment. As a sole business or franchise, you are required to pay rent, insurance, deposits, and utilities. These fees can be up to $ 10,000. An attorney may be forced to negotiate or review the lease or franchise for an additional cost of $ 250 per hour or more.


One of the areas you do not want to neglect is the promotion of your new business. Spending this money can lead to the injection of money you will need in the coming months as you build the business. Promotions can include radio advertising, television advertising, flyers in the mail, or flyers left in cars. Promotions and prices can vary and range from a couple of dollars to flyers to hand out up to $ 15,000 for television ads.


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