Interior Design Business

How to Start a New Interior Design Business

Interior designers create functional, visually appealing interior environments through use of color, furnishings and decor. These well-educated professionals consider building and fire code requirements, plus space planning constraints, to complete each design project. Interior designers recommend and supervise installation of carpet, furniture and window treatments. Designers also work with lighting and acoustic system professionals to enhance environments, such as a residential media room or a professional concert hall.

Interior Design is there’s certain glamour to it all. And, for those who have a natural aptitude towards the arts and design this may indeed be a perfect career choice. The nice thing about this particular career is that it is one that is achievable at any age and at any stage in life.

What You Need to Start a Graphic Design Business

Interior Design Business
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Interior designers create functional and visually appealing interior environments through the use of colors, furnishings and decor. These well-trained professionals consider the requirements of the fire code and construction, in addition to planning space limitations to complete each design project. Interior designers recommend and supervise the installation of carpet, furniture and window treatments. Designers also work with lighting and acoustics system professionals to enhance the environment, such as a residential media room or a professional concert hall.

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Items you will need

  • Interior design service information and the price level
  • Entry forms for prize drawings with the entry number
  • List of new commercial projects for your offers
  • List of members of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Package price information for Chamber member

Document your interior design business

Interior Design Business
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Select a business structure with a public accountant familiar with service companies. Evaluates a sole proprietorship company limited liability company and sub-chapter S. Meet with a commercial insurance agent about liability coverage. Get a business license in your city or county clerk’s office. Contact your state revenue department about the need for a sales tax license for your service business.

Rent an exclusive and accessible location

Interior Design Business
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Find an attractive building easily accessible from the main roads. Obtain the zoning approval in writing before signing a lease. Make sure the room has enough space to showcase the show room for tissue samples and home decor items. Show your versatility with themed interior screens. Work with a sign maker to create elegant exterior graphics that reflect the function of your business.

Focus your interior design business

Select an interior design specialty that enhances your skills and responds to a market need. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that some interior designers work exclusively on residential and commercial design projects. The ergonomic design considers the comfort and functionality of buildings and furnishings, while the environmental design uses furniture and materials from the “green” floor. The old design focuses on the structure and selection of furniture tailored to the needs of older residents.

Order your fabric samples and design accessories

 Interior Design Business
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Buy books of fabric samples to help you select treatments for furniture, carpets and curtains. Includes various styles, colors and textures of materials. Adds decor of the room, such as furniture, decorative lamps and works of art. Purchase parts from different manufacturers and collections.

Purchase memberships of professional groups

Establish your credibility by joining the American Society of Interior Designers. SAID  offers marketing and business development tools as well as professional education opportunities. SAID regional chapters can provide additional benefits. You will also benefit from an affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce. Your city’s camera offers members networking sites and allows you to present your interior design services at trade shows and other public events.

Professional Organizer

This is another field that’s still in its infancy but growing fast. Professional organizers cut through the clutter in people’s homes and businesses to help them live simpler, more organized lives. They also develop customized organizational plans using filing and storage systems that their clients can live with and maintain easily.

While there aren’t any available statistics on the number of professional organizers practicing today, what is known is that the National Association of Professional Organizers, which was established in 1985, counts 3,200 people among its membership. There’s also a similar organization in Canada. Because there are no educational requirements, few equipment/tool costs and no licensing issues, this is one of the easiest home design businesses to establish.

Market your interior design services to consumers

Ask the Chamber of Commerce of your city or the convention center about the upcoming samples of home and gardening. Showcase your business to consumers interested in home improvement. Diversify your business with different services and price levels. Offer to talk with companies or civic groups about interior design trends for homes. It offers a free consultation as a door prize and uses the input forms to generate a mailing list.

Faux Painting

This purely decorative art form is usually practiced by true artists, although it is possible to achieve a certain level of competence through hands-on instruction. “The key to success is being able to follow step-by-step instructions and take your time,” says faux painter Brian Bullard, who’s also owner of The Decorative Arts Center in St. Louis. Faux painters apply decorative finishes to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and accessories. They use paint, glazes and other media, and must be masters at mixing colors and applying them with just the right touch. Among the types of faux finishes popular today are marbling, precious stone, patina, trompe l’oeil and stenciling.

Bullard says that because of the specialty nature of the job and the technical skill involved, faux painters can earn $400 a day or more, or around $60 by the hour. Other faux painters say it’s possible to earn up to $1,000 a day depending on the size and scope of a project as well as who’s footing the bill.

Develops commercial projects of interior design

Meet with developers of new commercial buildings and multi-unit projects, such as assisted facilities and office centers. Ask for an opportunity to bid on the components of interior design projects. Visit the members of the Chamber of Commerce with office environments or commercial environments and offers a package at special price of interior design services. It offers a referral gift to co-workers whose references lead to completed project


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