How to Set Up a Mineral Water Distributor

People can continue to live without video games, refreshments, ice cream or any other example you remember. However, it is impossible to live without water. Everyone needs this liquid because it is part of our body. On the other hand, it is very delicious to quench thirst when we thirst for water.  This document seeks to introduce a new product to the market Paceño, and growth bottles purified water, which presents different characteristics and qualities regarding the competition, looking for differentiation in each step of the value chain. The global demand for bottled water is growing hand growth is not the exception, globalization influences consumer habits. The growing need for quality water and high standards of health is a consequence of the search for a healthier and more durable life, by a society that is increasingly aware of and aware of health care and its environment. In recent years, bottled water has become almost generic and without much differentiation. It is for this reason that, depending on the redundancy, differentiating from the competition is of vital importance. Through reverse osmosis and filtration processes, you will get the best water quality in terms of its mineral components and flavor, however, this is not the most important quality for a consumer to choose whether or not to buy a water bottle. The first contact that a consumer has with this product is the visual contact (container and label), then the touch (design and form) and finally the taste (filtered and purified), these are the three basic areas in which to seek to generate Differentiation. In the bottled water industry, large and small competitors can be observed, approximately 75% of the market is controlled by large bottles and 20-25% by small bottlers competing for a price. In this industry basically, tap water or filtered and bottled well is sold. The highest costs correspond to the packaging and the distribution or sale, and not to the water itself. Different bottled waters are offered in the La Paz market: mineral water and purified water with and without gas. In this case, these four categories of water are substitutes so the present business plan will focus only on purified water, and may extend the PR. The project is profitable, obtained a 34% IRR and an NPV of approximately US $ 66,800.00, and a capital recovery period of 4.38 years. Taking the break-even point after 1.7 years of operation

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Therefore, the mineral water market is so profitable; As well as vital for the existence of human life, is a delight to the public. So, you, as an entrepreneur, can enjoy this great market and learn how to set up a mineral water company. By working properly, with concentration, determination, and patience, you will be able to make a lot of money, since water is cheap and can give a good profit margin.

How to Mount a 5-Step Mineral Water Distributor

As we will show you then transforming the distribution of mineral water into a successful business is not as complicated as you may think it is. In just five steps, the major problems are solved, and you can rest easy with your big business. The important thing is to read and implement the advice, because only then will you take your business role and become the main business of your neighborhood or city.

Give you the right care

Mineral Water Distributor
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You may already imagine that all mineral water packets should be clean, paved and free of residue. More than that: there should be no infiltration, humidity, mold, high grass and poorly maintained, and excessive exposure to sunlight and rain. Ideally, you pay close attention to everything and make frequent tank cleaning, preferably once a week. This deposit can be mounted in a neighborhood farther from the city center because there is no need to install near a large shopping center, it has to be large to provide the greatest possible comfort to your new mineral water dealer.

Quality Storage

Mineral Water Distributor
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There are some laws and rules to follow. For example, bottles can not be in direct contact with the ground and should be at a height of 25 cm. Moreover, they can not stay away from the wall, 45 cm away from the optimal distance.

How to Set Up a Mineral Water Distributor Regulated transport

Mineral Water Distributor
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Not only in the tank, but in the truck where the packages will be, it is essential that they offer good conditions. Leave the car always clean, no odor. Also, be careful of rodents, birds, insects and other pests that could destroy your products. On the floor, place pads and ground cover to aid waterproofing. Remember to always be within the law, it is very important because many people start a distributor of bottled water illegally and this is something that health monitoring is very aware of, therefore, look for as much information as possible and If necessary, hire an accountant to assist you throughout the entire process of legalizing business.

Working with the best mining

Mineral Water Distributor
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For the customer who has confidence in their products, they always see reliable mining companies, which have a good product and quality. So, do not take any cheap water you have on the market. Also, do not bet on the most famous as they are more expensive. Ideally, you should try enough to have no problems and find the best value for money. If you have doubts about it, start by searching your city or even other places to find out what kind of water people are looking for more and consume, to offer something that suits your clientele in general, as this should be the purpose Real of a company distributing mineral water.

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Efficient Service

Finally, selling is not so easy. Quality care is a big step towards a good number of sales. Treat your customers well, always in a cheerful way. Pass all these values to your employees so that your store is always remembered by people as well.



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