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business for music

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5 business for music lovers

The music industry is one of the most transformative aspects of entertainment in the last two decades. The Internet has been the determining factor for all those involved to implement new strategies and thus, remain in force within this dynamic sector. And is that due to the boom of piracy in the 1990s and the popularity of the Internet in the 2000, the distribution of music had to adapt to a new form of consumption that broke with traditional methods of work, used since the emergence of Record houses in Mexico in the 1950s, which is why the majority disappeared – they only continue to work three. Continue reading

pastry shop

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Emprende with a pastry shop

Pastry, confectionery or pastry is the art of preparing or decorating cakes or other desserts. The term baking is used to describe the type of gastronomy that is based on the preparation, cooking, and decoration of dishes and sweet pieces such as cakes, cakes, cookies, puddings and much more. Continue reading

organizing a work

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5 tips for organizing a work trip

It’s Christmas already. During these days the displacements to one side and another of the country, and even of the world, will be recurrent. Families that have been separating their paths will reunite them at least for a dinner or a meal that they no longer remember participating. Workers who have booked some holiday days for the December final stretch can relax in some dream destination. Continue reading

Business Plan

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Business Plan and Restoration of the Resort

As is easily understood, the industry is the essential resource that makes up the tourist offer of a destination, so it is the offer of accommodation in general and hotels in particular, which determines when it is a tourist destination or not Function of the volume of accommodation and the use that it has since it is the main factor of the tourist economy. Depending on the quality and quantity as well as the competitiveness of their hotel companies, the competitiveness of the tourist destination in question and, hence, its contribution to the economy of the area in question is determined. Hotel business models are essential. As is easily understood, there is no uniform methodology for all tourist destinations to systematize the study of this subject given the enormous variety of possibilities that arise from the combination of factors in their value chain. Continue reading

Apple and IBM

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Apple and IBM Unite to Exploit Mobile Business

That’s right, Apple and IBM, two great technology unit, one of the strategic operations in which most important alliances refer in our days, again proving that in union there is the strength. This time solid corporations will collaborate in this case to further exploit the mobile market. Traditionally, when Apple makes a global announcement – usually from the confines of its Cupertino campus – the world sits up and takes notice. Continue reading

Website Business

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Professional Website Business

With so many aspects of our lives, from the professional to the social, migrating to the Internet is surprising to many business owners, who continue to regard online strategy secondary as part of their growth plans. For many of us, it is a challenge to balance this additional component with the daily demands of running a business. Continue reading

handmade ceramics

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Stylish handmade ceramics

In a completely open world where you can find the same product in Madrid and Berlin, the way to differentiate is to offer something exclusive. This was raised by Kumi Furió and Rosa Bou , two industrial designers specialized in graphic design, who began to interest in ceramics as a work material a few years ago. Thus came the idea of ​​applying their knowledge of design to the ceramic products creating Limoceramics in 2012 and combining the company with their work. Continue reading