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5 tips for organizing a work trip

It’s Christmas already. During these days the displacements to one side and another of the country, and even of the world, will be recurrent. Families that have been separating their paths will reunite them at least for a dinner or a meal that they no longer remember participating. Workers who have booked some holiday days for the December final stretch can relax in some dream destination. Going on a trip is a constant of Christmas, as are gifts, nougats, and carols. But it is also typical of business activity. Throughout the year there are multiple trips to work for the most diverse reasons. Some involve attendance at a professional congress. Others consist of visits to branches. Meetings with partners and employees working far away will also require some planning. And not to mention paperwork, paperwork, interviews, training courses … As we said, the reasons for undertaking a work trip are varied. The way of facing them ends up being, however, very similar.

When it is time to move to another place, there are a number of key organizational aspects, common to anyway out of the home, where technological advancement is a great help. In Silicon News, we remind you five ways to take advantage of technology to travel.

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5 types component

  • Find accommodation
  • Learn to move around unknown places
  • Do not underestimate the power of an agenda
  • Take the office in your pocket
  • Try a wearable

Find accommodation

Where to stay when you can not go to sleep at home? The logical thing in some situations, for example in the case of going to an event as a guest, is that all aspects of your stay in a city different from yours have been resolved in your name, without intervening only. This will help you concentrate solely on experiencing the experience. It does not always happen. Other times you will be the person who plans all the details. It gives more laziness, but it will not be for lack of options. Nowadays you do not need to telephone to confirm a reservation, simply navigate through the website of the hotel where you want to spend your stay to process it by clicking. Of course, there are also the possibilities of comparing the prices of various locations beforehand and finding special offers by brandishing tools like Booking or Trivago, as well as using personalized search filters and accessing ratings from other users.

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Another alternative is the Airbnb, which also has its own functionality of traveling for work with the difference, with respect to hotels and hostels, that brings the feeling of staying at home. Among other things, this service allows you to process the payment as a business expense, to house entire equipment in the same house, to use the kitchen to save on food, to have a parking space, to fix the arrival of guests at any time and to count on Work and daily life items, such as areas equipped for laptops, iron or bathroom products. Also, it should be noted that from the point of view of the boss, provides a control panel to see what happens with each trip.

Learn to move around unknown places

After finding the ideal accommodation to spend a few days out of your habitat for work, you should continue planning. The second question you should ask yourself before you leave is: how do you move around the place of destination? You may have been there before, but it is also possible that this is your first time. For more in, maybe travel alone. So, at first glance, this combination of conditioning throws back anyone. With the popularization of mobile devices and the existence of Internet connections, either by data or wirelessly, the fear fades. During your business stay, you can use Google Maps (or Apple Maps, or Bing Maps) cartographic services to locate you instantly, to measure distances, and to trace routes. Before you leave, Street View will serve you to inspect the ground in a virtual way and make a place composition. There is practically one application for everything you need, which prevents you from improvising blindly.

unknown places
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Do not know where to eat? If you do not take advantage of the hotel’s breakfast, try out any nearby coffee shop that has reached a high score on Foursquare. By the way, you fill your stomach, you’ll take something from the area stored as a souvenir, beyond the work sessions. It is not always possible to do tourism in these types of trips, so this is a good way to compensate. You can also ask direct advice to other users on social networks like Twitter and Facebook about places to visit. And how to move? As with accommodation, transportation is an issue that many times will already be planned by third parties. And, likewise, there are applications that can get you out of trouble. Beyond taxis, public transportation and rental cars, or trains and planes, inventions such as Umber and BlaBlaCar are trying to revolutionize the way to get around connecting passengers and drivers.

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Do not underestimate the power of an agenda

If there is one word that should mark all your travel plan, that is the one of “organization”. You have to get organized to look for a hotel. To get to him. To move around the city. For meals. To work. And, hopefully, so much organization will open some space to have fun in a free time. At least, if you register these activities in advance with the help of the corresponding software. Whether you want to draw lists or keep your calendar up-to-date with important appointments, give Wanderlust, Any. do, Clear, or digital calendars a try. Currently, many apps are related to each other, guiding the user by their day to day without it having to do almost nothing. They become impossible to forget. For example, a few weeks ago Google introduced reminders about to-dos in Google Calendar, which take advantage of the use of Inbox, Keep or Google Now. The latter is a smart assistant, as are Sire or Cortina, which will also make your life easier. Getting things like your device highlighting a flight schedule or alerting you to your cancellation is no longer impossible.

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Take the office in your pocket

Being on the road means that in many moments you will not have an office to use, physical, to turn to. But it does not mean losing one iota of efficiency. You’ll be able to stay operational outside of your usual work environment by simply carrying a smartphone or tablet with you, within which you’ll have loaded the right mobile apps. As we reviewed earlier in another article on how to serve your business at any time and place, to be productive from the mobile you should have a profile on cloud platforms where to save files instantly, whether Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud or Amazon Cloud Drive, and to use office 365 office-based solutions that allow you to edit them. To take quick notes, choose features like OneNote and Evernote and check if they support handwriting and audio recording. If you need to communicate and you do not get the email, try instant messaging applications, from WhatsApp and Hangouts to the veteran Skype, without giving up the video calls. And collaborate with your partners via Basecamp or Pivotal Tracker.

Take the office
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 Try a wearable

This can be a great opportunity to wear that wearable computing gadget that you have bought and that you have not gotten too far, beyond using it after a race or after an afternoon at the gym, with the goal of controlling the calories you consume In each exercise session. It is an opportunity worth taking advantage of, especially if what you have in your power is a smartwatch that you access with just turn the wrist and does not require a smartphone stuck to it all the time to prove its usefulness. No matter what the Apple Watch, a model with Android Wear or a copy Tizen, Samsung. Clocks of this type are often ready to receive notifications about calls, messages, and updates of the activity that is cooked in the online world. They even serve to talk. There are also alternatives that allow you to take notes when there is no pen and paper at hand. They give the time and adapt to different geographical areas. They do not exclude alarm, stopwatch or timer. And that relate to the personal agenda, as we have described some time. What do you want to contact with transportation services, see boarding passes and pay instantly on your trip? Then pull Lift, Fly Delta, PayPal, NFC technology or similar solutions

Finally, traveling for work or business reasons can be a stressful or quiet experience if you take care of every detail. To make your stay pleasant and meet the goals set, these are some things you should avoid on a work trip.


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